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To all woman…. You know there’s always a bad ass bitch ready to rise.


Throughout my journey as an Author, there are so many people I would like to thank, so, please, if I don’t mention you I am so sorry. This is in no particular order:

My street team – thank you to all, for being my personal pimpers.
You’ve made Krinos more successful than I could’ve possibly have imagined.

A big thank you to my PA, KC. She’s brilliant and likes to call me ma’am.
I wonder if I should tell my real age – lol.

To Ang and Ellen from PNR reviews. You, ladies are my major pimps. God, I love you two.

To Elizabeth. When I’m stuck, I write to you and you give me the help and strength I need to see me through. So, thank you very much.

To my brilliant cover art designer, Soxie. That woman is the best to work with and goes far and beyond what I ask of her. So thank you.

Kaylene, from Swish Design & Editing, thank you so much.

To all you bloggers, who get nothing in return for helping Authors succeed.
I’d be a lost little lamb in this world, if you haven’t given an Author a hand… THANK YOU!

To my readers who always support me… THANK YOU!

And last, but not least, my family. Who are crazier than me, which doesn’t seem possible, but truly are.

Meaning – Greek


Ideal perfect beauty in the physical and moral sense.
He wants me dead because I’m a threat to him. He tried to murder my father. Little did he know that you don’t mess with my family
I will get my revenge. Then I’ll take down anyone else who stands in my way and I will make them pay.
I’m not your average woman. I deal with thugs and murders. I’ve been broken and tortured. But don’t mistake this for weakness. I am far from weak. I should be feared and definitely not be messed with.
I have a Greek God by my side. His name is Stefanos and he worships the ground I walk on, and I adore him. He gives me the strength I need for the path I’ve chosen.
People in my business know me as Krinos, and I am not to be trifled with.

chapter 1style 3

As I walk through the abandoned building my heels echo off the walls. My eyes search for the person I’m about to meet. He requested a meeting at nine o’clock and the bastard’s late. I look behind me and notice a few of my men standing at the entrance with their guns drawn. I look around checking to see if it’s a trap, but nothing looks suspicious or out of place.
I stand in the same position for what seems like ages, but in reality only five minutes have passed when I hear the loud roar of motorcycles pulling into the lot. I don’t bother making my way out. They wanted to meet inside the building, so that’s where I’ll stay.
I hear laughter and men talking before they decide to grace with me with their presence. This royally pisses me off, because I don’t have all fucking night. I look up and watch two men enter the building. I’ve met the leader of the Tomb Motorcycle Club before, even though it’s been quite some time since I’ve actually seen him. At that time he had a tight-fisted look, which still makes me nervous. But I notice he’s not one of the two men who just entered the building. One of the men starts to make his way towards me, and he looks very familiar. I can’t pinpoint exactly why, until he raises his eyes and looks up at me and then smirks.
“Krinos, baby, long time no see,” he says, walking toward me. He plants his lips unexpectedly directly onto mine.
I’m shocked and it takes me a second or two to push him away, and the only way to do that is by a hard ass jab to his abdomen.
“Krinos, why no love, sugar?” he asks, while holding his stomach.
I step back to put some distance between us and look at him with disgust etched in my squinted eyes. He’s changed over the past two years. He’s way cockier and his hair has grown longer than I remember. It’s still light blond, but he has it tied back in a ponytail. My mind instantly races through a million dirty thoughts when I gaze over him. He’s also bulked up and looks more like an MMA fighter with nothing but muscle on muscle. I notice his vest and read his patch. As I do he gives me a lopsided grin.
“You see now, my Kalon, all dealings are with me,” he informs, looking down at his patch that states he is President.
“Don’t fucking call me that anymore Hunter,” I growl.
“Oh my, haven’t we become a little spitfire?”
I ignore his comment and change the subject. “You lookin’ at running a full shipment this time?” I start tapping my heel, because I really want to leave and visit my father. His eyes run up my legs and stop at the scar, which is an ever present reminder on my leg. I don’t even think about it that much anymore. I mean, I know it’s there and it’s still noticeable, but it’s faded considerably. When his eyes finally meet mine, I really wished I’d worn my jeans instead of a black mini dress. He’s angry. I can see it by the glare in his eyes and the reddening of his face. He wants answers. But, I’m not in the mood to give him any.
“What happened,” he growls while stepping closer. I place my hand on his chest and step away trying to put some distance between us.
“It’s nothing for you to worry about. Now answer my question.”
“Yes, full shipment. If I hear your new boyfriend did this Krinos, I will finish him. I will end Stefanos.”
I didn’t realize he even knew who Stefanos was. I shake my head and set him straight. “I’d personally end him myself if he hurt me, but he never has, and I know he never will.”
He looks me in the eyes, trying to search for the truth. He doesn’t look happy, but doesn’t push me further.
“My men, will meet you outside and give you what you need, Hunter.”
I turn to leave. As I walk past him, he leans down and whispers in my ear, “You’re still my Kalon, baby.” His voice sends shivers up my spine. I shake them off and keep walking while I hear his soft chuckle behind me.
I met Hunter and his father just over two years ago when he was Vice President of the Club and his Father was President. When I first met him, I only had eyes for him. He had that bad boy ‘I wanna eat you alive’ look. The one that makes girls want to drop their panties and throw themselves at him. I didn’t want to mix business with pleasure, but all his sweet talk, coupled with those dazzling green eyes, eventually won me over.
Hunter was the first man that had ever truly given me an orgasm. He was rough, hot and all the things I’d been missing out on. We would sneak out and meet up. Then he’d fuck me raw. His cock was pierced and every single time I just wanted to play with it. He’d never let me though, because he wanted to be inside me, hearing me scream his name. Which I might add, happened every single fucking time.
He made me do things I only read about in books. He’d tie me up and inflict pain, but in a sexually gratifying way.
He wanted more from me though, which I didn’t want to give. Yes, he rocked my world in the bedroom like no other man had done before, but I didn’t want to be his ‘old lady’. Plus, he was a man whore and bedded a new woman every single night. He said that he’d change his ways if I agreed, but I didn’t believe him. To me he was fun… a hell of a lot of fun, but I never saw him as anything more.
I slide into the car as the driver turns the ignition. I look out the window and notice Hunter watching me. He sees me looking and winks. Then he mouths, “Kalon”. I shake my head, wind the window up and leave.

chapter 2style 3

These last four weeks have been tough. My father is still in a coma with no sign of coming around. My mother hasn’t left his bedside. Stefanos has flown back to New York to deal with business and I hate that he’s gone.
Just the thought of him makes my body tingle with anticipation. He’s flying in tomorrow after being away for three weeks. I hate to admit that I miss him, but I really do. He calls me every chance he gets and talks to me as much as possible. But our lives have been so crazy busy there’s been no time for us. It’s been three weeks since I’ve had those lips on me and I’m hanging out for the taste of them.
I’ve had to take over all of my father’s business dealings, which has been hectic. The new drug has finally gone out to all of our suppliers. It’s in high demand and doesn’t seem to be slowing down at all.
I walk into the room where my father is sleeping peacefully. My mother is in the armchair next to him holding his hand, hoping and praying for a miracle. I walk over to her, lean down and kiss her cheek.
“Mother, go home and get some rest. I’ll stay tonight.”
She looks towards my father and then back at me. I know she wants to argue with me, because she doesn’t want to leave him. But she must as she hasn’t slept properly since the accident and it’s starting to take its toll on her.
“I’ll be back first thing in the morning, hunny,” she tells me. She leans down and kisses my father on the cheek and then leaves.
I watch her walk away and wonder where her husband is. She told him to leave and that she’d be home when she’s ready. A part of me believes she isn’t going back to him. Because she’s finally realized that the love she has for my father has never left her and won’t change. No matter how hard she tries to keep her feelings in check.
I look down at my father and see him sleeping peacefully. His hair has grown longer and he has a light stubble on his jaw. I lean over, and give him a cuddle and a kiss. I take the same place my mother was seated, but I lay down. I’m just about asleep when I see a figure walk into the room. Rock walks over and starts to shave my father’s face with a razor. I don’t ask him what he’s doing. I just lay there with my eyes half closed and watch.
When he finishes, he stands up and looks over at me. I smile; he grunts and walks out the same door he came in. I know my father would be grateful because he is a clean-cut man. He’s constantly working out and is always groomed to perfection. He doesn’t look his age. Most of the time people don’t believe he has a daughter old enough to take over his business.
I wake to the sound of footsteps. I crack my eyes open and see a nurse repositioning my father, while my mother stands there watching.
“Did you sleep?” I ask her.
She gives me a dull expression, her eyes half closed and her lips are turned downwards. My heart breaks for her. I really hope my father will recover soon. I stand up and stretch, when the doctor walks in.
“Ladies,” he greets while he goes to the end of the bed and checks the chart. I catch his facial expressions, hoping for some miracle, but I don’t see any expression in his eyes.
“Mr. Contos, seems to be recovering slowly. He’s had a hard time over the last couple of weeks, but I believe he’s definitely on the mend. Now with that said, I can’t tell you when he’ll wake. His body has been through so much. Some patients take longer than others to recover.”
Thinking back, a week after my father’s surgery things went bad for him. He went into cardiac arrest and died that night right before our eyes. My mother lost all hope and dropped to the floor in hysterics. I’d never seen her so broken. They managed to bring him back. The Doctor told us things didn’t look great. I cried for most of the night. Stefanos didn’t leave my side that whole terrible time. He was a constant support, which I desperately needed.
“Eliza, Stefanos flies in tonight. Why don’t you go home and get some rest before you see him?” My mother clasps my hand and squeezes, then takes her position near my father.
Just as I am about to walk out, I turn back and see my mother whispering, smiling and talking to my father. I can see the love she has for him. I wonder why their life was so bad that she felt the need to walk away from a man she loved so deeply to escape.
Once I reach home, I head straight to my bed and collapse. My body is so worn out that I think it’s ready to give in to sleep. My mind won’t turn off, but my eyes don’t want to stay open.
I can’t help but think of Hunter and why he’s come back into my life after all this time. It’s like Karma bitching away at me, wanting to stir shit up.
I hope I don’t have to see him again, especially if Stefanos is around. I doubt it will end well.

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