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Damianos Meaning

DAMIANOS (Δαμιανός): Greek name derived from the element daman, meaning “to tame, to subdue” and euphemistically “to kill.”

Related to Damon.
You think you know me…. You think you know who I am… So, let’s get a few things straight…. I don’t get involved in relationships. Relationships are for the weak, plus it’s leverage for your enemies, of which I have plenty.
But, that’s all changed. When a strong willed woman, with the mouth of a sailor walked into my life, wearing nothing, but tiny shorts displaying her beautiful long legs and round ass, I thought I could play with her and maybe get my fix. But, when she spoke, I knew that wasn’t going to happen. She’s full of life and one scary ass little woman. I knew right away I had to have her and I would do anything to keep her.
She owns my soul. She owns my demons. She owns every single part of me.


Thank you.

I can’t thank you all enough for taking this crazy journey with me. I have so many great peeps to thank, and I think I may just have to write a whole book to do that. So, I think I may need to skip that and just tell you girls, you know who you are that I love your crazy assesses and thanks so much for all your support. My girls in my street team, I can’t thank you enough for continuing to pimp my ass. You have no idea how happy I am when you tag me in contests and spotlights. Thanks again.
A big thanks to my wonderful beta readers, Ang who I talk to on a daily basis, mwah. Ellen, Hunter is all yours girl, I made him just for you. And of course, Kristy and Kayla, what a godsend you two beautiful ladies are, you have no idea how much all your support means to me.
To KC, thanks for putting up with all my slack, because you know I am the most forgetful person there is and thanks for all that you do.
To my author friend, Lila Rose, wow, what a great friend you have become to me. I am always harassing you and love our little chats and you will forever be my number 1 Bitch.
To Elizabeth and C.M Owens, two other ladies who I absolutely love to chat to. Oh, and C.M I’m still waiting for that drink girl.
To my wonderful formatter and friend Angel Steel, “hey sugar lips.”
Kaylene, thank you for putting up with my constant, “I don’t think its 100% just yet.” you are awesome.
To my readers – wow! Thanks so much for taking a chance on this series. I know it’s quite different and I am so happy that you came along on this ride with me. I hope you love Krinos and Stefanos as much as I do.
To all my new friends that I’ve made in this beautiful word, thanks so much for all your support and constant pimping you do for me.



Before I met Krinos I wasn’t a man of many words. I did my work, fucked plenty of women and slept alone every night. That’s the way I liked it. I didn’t need a clingy, bitchy woman in my life trying to rule me and telling me what to do.
My life is not suitable for a woman. I deal in drugs, guns and other things that should not be mentioned. I’ve had my fair share of women thinking they could change me after one night, but obviously they don’t know me. They only wanted the power and orgasms I could give them. You see, my mouth alone would make you scream, and I promise you would never think of another man for the rest of your life. I’m, just that good.
Women don’t seem to understand, that just because we find you good looking and pick you up at a bar, doesn’t mean you are going to get any more than the best fucking night of your life.
And then I met Krinos…. Well, how do I describe a woman with the mouth of gangsta and the body of a model, but the fist of a boxer. I still don’t think I could describe her appropriately to this day. She made me want that sappy lovey shit and she made me want her without even doing anything. She has just consumed me….
She fought me on it, but I knew I would have her, consume her, and keep her soul for the rest of our lives, as she has mine.
* To – all you fine ass women out there reading this. *
Okay, Princesses, let’s go back shall we… let me take you back to how I met my fucking spitfire, and then let’s pick up from where my Princess got kidnapped.
The first three chapters are for you to understand where a fucked up fella like myself came from and then we take up where the story left off. So, who’s ready for some fucked up shit?
This story is for all you gorgeous women out there. May you all meet your own, fucked up knight in shining armor, one day.

chapter 1style 3

Eighteen Years Old


I am free, finally fucking free from that awful fucking system. They think they do well and they think they are good, but they are only in it for the fucking money. No bastard in there ever treated us, or even looked at us, as if we were more than a paycheck they could cash. Cassandra was still there and I had to be stable to get her out. She’s been too quiet for a girl her age, she should be out having fun, but instead she’s hiding from men, because of what our sick ass father did to her. If I hadn’t killed him when we were younger, I would do it again, no questions asked. So, that was the first thing on my list, to find me a fucking job that paid me enough. But that was proving harder and harder by the day. I had nowhere to sleep. I had no money to even feed myself, let alone my little sister. I didn’t know what the fuck to do anymore. I tried the honest route and no one wanted to hire a kid with no address. So, that led me to drugs. I wasn’t a fan of them, fuck I hated them. But the money they brought in was at least starting to feed me.
My dealer though, was a fuckhead to say the least and he used me as muscle. When someone didn’t pay up, I would go and pay them a visit and beat them until they were black and blue. I never felt sorry for doing it either. If, they were stupid enough to be taking drugs they deserved it. I would sell on occasions on the side of the street to local gangs and pretty boys looking for their next hit, though I never did it often, I was his prize possession. Lenny was a short, fat man that had too much money for my liking, and a temper to hit women. I never approved of it, but I also never got involved. I was there doing this fucked up job for one reason, and one reason only and that was to get my sister out of that fucked up system.
One night, though Lenny fucked me over, and almost got me killed. I walked into a parking lot to meet up with one of his suppliers. He told me if I didn’t get the goods at the price he asked for I was to shoot the bastard in the leg. So, that’s what I did, with no hesitation. The guy told me no, so I automatically reached for my gun and shot him in the fucking leg. I was too fast with my gun, because he never even saw it coming. Then he yelped like a bitch and I stood there with no emotion, just waiting for my answer, so I could go back and get paid.
As I stood there for a good minute listening to this guy scream out bloody murder, I watched as all the men surrounding him pulled their guns up and aimed them directly at me. This should have been a time when I should’ve been scared, fuck even begged for my life like any normal, sane person would do, but I’m not fucking normal, I’m the fucking devil in disguise. Death doesn’t scare me, but it should be scared of me. There was only one thing I feared and that was not being there for my sister, other than that, the world can go fuck itself for all I care.
I heard all their guns load ready to fire at the same time. A car door slammed shut from behind the man screaming in agony. I didn’t look; there was no point in looking. I just kept my face straight and was prepared for it to be over.
“Boy, you have some fucking nerve,” I heard a man speak in Greek. I looked at him and automatically liked him. I had no idea why, but something about this man seemed refreshing even honest.
“Nerve has nothing to do with it,” I told him, speaking back in Greek. He looked stunned at first, like he didn’t realize he even spoke to me in a different language and expected a reply. I watched as his lip curved up in a sinister smile and nodded his head at me.
“How old are you Son?” he asked, walking closer to me. My first thought was that he was fucking stupid. I could shoot this man right between the eyes before he could even blink. He must have heard my thoughts by the way he looked down at the gun still in my hand at the side of my body. It didn’t bother him though, and he looked back up at me waiting for my reply.
“Eighteen,” I simply said, as I didn’t think that was a problem.
“You go and tell Lenny, if he thinks he can piss me off he’s fucking delusional. I will cut that bastard up before he can even reach for his gun. And as for you, I have a job opening now,” he said and looked behind him to the man still screaming like a banshee jumping up and down. He smiled and faced me again.
“You have a house, boy?” I shook my head no, but kept my head up high.
“You do as I say and meet me at this address.” He handed me a card and waved his men to retreat. I was stunned into silence. Some fucking random had just offered me a job. After the cars had left I looked at the card and noticed that written on it was ‘Contos Financial’. I shook my head as there was no way I could work for something like that and put the card back into my pocket and headed back to see Lenny.
Lenny was pissed to say the least and he was throwing things at me screaming like the fat pig he was. I took one look at him and shrugged my shoulders and walked out. Just as I was out the door, two of his other men stopped me in my tracks. I looked back to a still screaming Lenny and noticed that he was giving them orders to fuck me up. I didn’t think before I acted. I automatically punched the man to my right, straight in his face, grabbed his hair and brought his face down to meet my knee. He dropped to the floor like the sack of shit he was. I saw the man to my left pull his gun from his pocket, just as I was standing up straight. I punched that fucker straight in his gut and watched as he dropped. I didn’t look back as I left. I just walked straight to the shitty trailer park, I called home and went to sleep.
I woke up to a punch to my jaw and my hands being held down. I opened my eyes and looked around to see Lenny and his men tearing up my trailer.
“You don’t fuck with me, Stefanos,” Lenny told me, then nodded to one of his men. I looked over at the asshole that he had nodded to, and watched as he lit a cigarette and then brought it down to my stomach. I didn’t scream like they thought I would. I smiled at that fucker, remembering his face, because payback is a bitch. Lenny looked at me and tapped his man on the shoulder before retreating out the door. Two of his other men were now holding me down and pinning me with all of their weight. I don’t remember much of what happened next because I passed out from the jabs to my head.
I woke again cold and sore. I went to stand up and winced from the pain in my head and in my ribs. Ignoring the pain I climbed into the shower and watched as all the blood washed down the drain. When I was finally dressed I grabbed the pants I had on yesterday and took out the card that was in the pocket. I thought that I might go and pay him a visit after I paid Lenny’s men a visit first.
I walked into Lenny’s joint and noticed that Lenny wasn’t there. I guess I would have to come back for him later. Though I did notice the two goons that thought it would be good to fuck with me yesterday. They saw me approach them and jumped from their seats looking for their guns, but of course, I didn’t give them time to find them. I shot them both, leaving them in their seats like the pieces of shit they were, and I walked out never looking back.

chapter 2style 3


Twenty-One Years Old

To say I loved my job would be an understatement – I fucking loved it. What twenty-one year old wouldn’t be happy with making thousands of dollars a week and getting all the pussy he desired. Though, some things I do and have done are not for the faint hearted, but as you know I am not, nor will I ever be fucking faint hearted. The boss was a great man, the day I walked into his office looking black and blue with my head held high, was probably one of the best days of my life, the other was getting a home for myself and Cassandra.
Cassandra was still broken and didn’t talk to many people, though she seemed to have a liking for the boss’s bodyguard, Matt. Matt seemed very fond of her, always sheltering her from the bad and giving her comfort when she needed it. I didn’t quite understand his or her relationship, but she seemed better with him and I was glad she found comfort in someone, even if it was a guy.
I moved up the rankings of the business very fast and I was beginning to handle most of the deals by myself, without going back to the boss to check. He had a lot of faith in me and I intended to keep it that way. He did, after all, put a bullet between Lenny’s eyes for touching me. I’d never met anyone like him before. He treated me with respect and never made me feel less than who I was. He had, over the years, been molding me into version of him and teaching me that not all things in life are pure fucking evil.
I remember a night when there was a gathering to attend. I liked to call them high-end pussy parties, but no one seemed to share in that joke with me. I was dressed in my usual sharp suit for the night, to which I have become accustomed to wearing. At first I thought it was a waste of time putting something so expensive on my body that it was going to get blood on it or be torn to shreds. But, I soon came to like the feel of the soft material on my skin and I felt powerful, dressed like a business man, instead of some punk from the hood that had no family and was never meant to amount to, or accomplish anything.
As I walked into the party, I noticed the boss and Roberto talking at the bar. Roberto was head mafia, and not someone you’d want to cross. Kontos and he had been business acquaintances and friends for quite some time and seemed to have a steady business relationship. Uptown parties usually aren’t my thing unless I wanted to fuck, but Kontos insisted I go and make a show for the business. Roberto noticed me and nodded his head for me to join them. While I walked to them, I saw a cute little blonde dancing on the dance floor. She was with her friends, but her eyes were solely on me as she swayed her hips. I took one last look at her, my eyes glancing over every inch of her gorgeous body. All I could think of were the things I could make her to do me when I took her later on in the bathrooms. She smiled coyly at me, and I raised my eyebrows at her. She lifted the bottom of her dress while she was on the dance floor and continued to shake her body to the music. I planned to fuck her hard.

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