I take his moment of silence, and slip myself out from his grasp while putting much-needed distance between us.
“You’ll end up hating me, I’ll end up resenting you…” I shake my head and step back again.
“I wouldn’t.”
“You would! You had to be forced into it. It took me almost dying more than once for you to choose me. That isn’t healthy, none of this is. We aren’t good for each other. We’ll keep on burning until there’s nothing left.” Stepping back again, I’m not clear where my car is, but I know it’s not far from here.
“We need to stop, Mouse. I’m ceasing the ellipses. No more pauses or question marks for me. Now it will just be full stops.”
I want to smile at his editor’s metaphor.
I want to ravish in it.
I know better, though.
“I’m full stopping it, Wolf! Before I fall deeper down a rabbit hole where I cannot escape.”
“I’ll chase you, Mouse, right down that rabbit hole.”
Turning, so I’m walking away, I look back only once.
“I hope you catch me, I really do. But this time you may not.”